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ideas you get while you're walking around

I want to talk now about "walking around ideas." You've probably heard of the concept of "walking around money" - that money you carry in your pocket in case you want to buy a mocha latte or a newspaper.

Walking around ideas are not like that. Not exactly.

Walking around ideas are ideas you get while you're walking around. Duh, right? Well, most of us don't write these ideas down or even fully process them.

I got a really good idea the other day in the middle of a conversation. It was one of those ideas where my eyes crossed and my mouth popped open and a light bulb went off.walking for good health It was the solution I'd been looking for to a problem I didn't even know how to define.

What did I do? I kept talking. I was in a meeting.walking for health I couldn't just say, "Excuse me, I've got a solution to this major problem and I need to run it by you."

But I could have said, "Excuse me, I have to make a note about something." And I should have.

Fortunately, it was such a mind-popping idea that I didn't lose it. But what if I had? It would have been horrible. This is the best idea I've had in months, and it will work. Most of the other ideas about this problem didn't work, at all.

So don't just blow off those walking around ideas. At least jot a note. You never know when you'll need that idea for something.

**The General Idea**

I'm supposed to be an expert on creativity, but often what I know about creativity is what I've bumbled into or stumbled across.

That's what I like about these power tools.walking for fitness None of them is original to me; I've adapted all of them from other ideas.

And I'll continue finding ideas and adapting them to my use.

That's the next power tool - adaptation.

Often you'll hear people say, "You get the general idea."

What I hope you'll do, with these tools and other ideas you come across, is take that general idea and run with it. Go long, as they say in football. I think it's football. Take my ideas, twist them, turn them, make a paper chain out of them, and then use them for your purposes.

Maybe you don't nap. Or maybe you do want to go to bed. Or maybe you'd rather spend 20 minutes doing yoga or meditation with your problem in mind. Or maybe you'd rather spend that time rocking your baby or holding your cat.

The important thing about ideas is not the getting of them, walking for fun it's the using of them. And until you make an idea yours, you're not truly using it.

Some of the best ideas I've ever had, came from other people who didn't even realize they'd given me an idea. And by the time I got through with it, they wouldn't have recognized it, either, as something they said.

Ideas are not products. They're a process.

Keep using your tools. All of them. You'll do great.online ebook store

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